HELP FOR MARIA fundraiser
friends and family of maria oliver hoping to bring back her health and happiness
We are opening a store on ETSY.COM to showcase Maria's artwork and sell it. Please visit our ETSY STORE to look at our collection and buy Maria's art.  All the proceeds from the sales will go to much needed treatment and medical care that she desperately needs and did not have for so many years.

Check our page frequently as we will post information about new fundraising events often. We are asking you to find kindness in your heart and participate in our fundraising events and activities!  THANK YOU, dear friends.


Hello, this is the Oliver family. Maria Oliver (or as her old friends might know her, Masha Martynchik) has been seriously ill for the last few years. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of an endocrine disorder called Peripheral Resistance To Thyroid Hormone (PRTH) with Hypothyroidism. This type of Thyroid Resistance is extremely rare and barely described in medical  literature. Maria's organs and tissues have different (some very strong) levels of resistance to Thyroid Hormone, which makes her suffer from progressive Hypothyroidism despite medication. Her system is slowing down and eventually it will shut down if Maria's disease is left unmanaged like it is now. Maria struggles with variety of painful and life-threatening symptoms daily.

This condition is often genetic, although in Maria's case, some doctors that she has seen do not exclude a possibility of radiation exposure-induced illness.  All we know is that she had untreated symptomatic Hypothyrodism since she was a young child, and that it was not diagnosed until her late 20s, but we don't know if she was resistant back then.

Before Maria became severely ill, she was a wonderful artist and a graphic designer, she never missed a chance to learn new skills and things, loved outdoors, nature and animals, big and small, hiking and backpacking, despite of feeling sick and weak often throughout her life she tried not to complain to friends or relatives and tried to simply overcome her already developing illness by working harder and trying to be more active, to learn more and do more.  People who knew Maria might remember her going on hiking trips with a sketch pad,  making beaded bracelets for her friends, or embroidering her jeans and making funny greeting cards for her family on every holiday occasion. Even when she was extremely ill in 2008, she still was drawing her signature Chinese Zodiac animals to give them as gifts for her family and their friends and co-workers on New Year's day.  Some of her friends still have Maria's drawings on their walls, some will remember many free design projects she donated to their cause, and all of them will know how modest she was about her work and how willing she was to help, whenever a friend would ask.

This is why our family is desperate to save Maria. She is a wonderful person and a loving wife, and we are trying everything we can think of to help her. We wanted the world to know about this rare illness, and that although there might be no charities or marathons to support people suffering from it yet, there are ones who suffer from it greatly, and Maria is one of these rare cases. We hope that with the creation of this site we can also find support for Maria by raising funds for her medical care and give her a chance to return to health and happiness.

An article about Maria and her illness, and our family's effort to help her came out today,

November 1st 2012, in El Dorado News–Times. It's a big breakthrough for us. Special thanks to Allison Gatlin who wrote this wonderful article, and the staff of El Dorado News-Times. Here's the PDF file of the article:

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